Casey dan Melandri mencoba 848 di Jerez..

Walaupun hasil Jerez tidak memuaskan bagi team Ducati, akan masih ada seri-seri lain bagi team Ducati untuk kembali membuktikan ketangguhan pembalap, motor dan Team… Kita tunggu Estoril GP… !!

Saat di Jerez kemarin, Casey dan Marco sempat mencoba Ducati 848 di sirkuit Jerez. Berikut dibawah adalah komentar mereka.

Pesan dari Casey: 

Hi guys,

I’m just back home now after several activities we did here and there following on from the Qatar race and I’m trying to write something that might interest you. By now you have probably realised that speaking and writing is not one of my strong points. It’s simply harder for me than starting from the fourth row for a race…
Ok, a few words about the first GP: all through practice we were fast and consistent but there were also other guys who were pretty fast and consistent with race tires and so it was difficult to predict how we would go on Sunday night. The beginning of the race wasn’t easy, everybody was riding like hell up in front, but lap after lap my tyres warmed up a little bit and we were then able to set the times that we wanted to and… I really enjoyed winning again in Qatar!
We still don’t know what to expect at the next few circuits but I think we have definitely started the season in the right way.
I want to thank my team: they know exactly what I want and I am very confident in the people I work with. A great thanks goes also to Filippo and all the people in Ducati for the great job they did during the winter. Ducati is a fantastic company and I feel very much at home here. After the race we went to Jerez for the Bridgestone event and it was good fun because I had the chance to ride the Ducati 848, Adri’s favourite bike by the way. I had a very good feeling with the bike, it was very smooth and easy to understand what it was going to do next. On the road that’s very important. The power delivery was very smooth and the stability under brakes was impressive. It was a very good experience indeed. Now we have this short break and then the Jerez GP, not one of our favourite tracks. But, as usual I don’t like to make predictions, we are just going to have to see how it goes. Bye!


Pesan dari Marco:

Hey guys, how are you all doing?

I’m not complaining, even if I have to begin my speech with the word that I dislike the most…I’M SORRY.
I’m sorry to have misled you all in the first GP, but I promise that Jerez will go a lot better…I will give it my all.

But let’s talk about fun things now.
Last week I was in Jerez for a Bridgestone presentation for new street tyres called B-016, and to present them, I had a fantastic Ducati 848 at my disposal for the whole morning….
Compliments to Bridgestone! I should have only taken a few laps, but I felt at ease and had so much fun that I rode for 2 hours!

In fact, the bike and tyre “package”, despite being made for the street, has incredible potential. Just think, at Jerez I rode a little more than 10 seconds slower than in a MotoGP race!
The 848 engine is incredible – it has a very broad use and a very, very regular power distribution. Honestly, I must say that it is much more powerful than what I was expecting.
The most surprising part is the front – it is incredibly precise in the entrance into curves with brakes and is similar to the Desmosedici.
The back-end is really fun because in the entrance, it lets you slide very softly; the bike never gripped in a nervous or dangerous way. Exiting, you can’t slide only because of the power, but it is always under control even when the gas is open.
But I reccomend that you only attempt this on the track – I suggest that while you are on the street, you enjoy the ride!

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