DDOCI Bali Ride 10-13 July 2008

Report by Agustus S.Nugroho,
from http://agustusnugroho.wordpress.com

Note: Some pics have been removed by admin

Being a school holiday, family recreation activities are important. However, being a biker, riding is also important break. Thus, some Ducatisti decided to combine both; bring their family and ride in Bali at the same time.

This time we ride in a small group of 7 riders. Hm.. that is is just the right size. Not too big and not too small.

We arrived in Bali by air on Thursday, July 10, 2008 then took the bikes that were sent by truck and have arrived earlier. Now the bikes are ready and parked at the Kuta Paradiso Hotel Lobby.

Make use of beautiful afternoon in Bali, we decided to ride to Uluwatu and the kids also went there by car to see Kecak Dance with beautiful beach view sunset.

Ok, let’s go.

On the ride to Uluwatu:

Arrived at Uluwatu, we parked the bikes not too far from the entry gate:

Just before sunset, the Dance start and the kids (supervised by Grace) enjoying the beautiful Balinese Dance with sunset view back ground:

Some of us are quite happy having some instant noodle before ride back to Kuta:

And we then have the real dinner at the Kuta Food Court:

Friday, July 11, 2008 was the real riding day. We planned to ride quite far through various type of roads.

Today’s riding participants:

Studying the map and discussing the route:

Briefing, Praying and Go…!!

Firstly we filled in the gas full tank and ready to go:

Passing some crowded road around Kuta:

We then start enjoying nice and emptier road of Bali:

I’m not sure we could ride on Ducati below 125 Km/h in this kind of roads:

Took a short break before entering twisty road:

Ride up the hill we start enjoying nice left and right turn:

We rode along the east coast of Bali Island and take another short break about 15 Km before Singaraja:

We then continue the ride to Lovina.

Lunch break at Lovina Beach. This beach is famous with Dolphins where especially in morning time we could easily meet them not too far from the beach.

After lunch, we get ready and continue the ride from the beach area to Bedugul, a mountain area of Bedugul. At the empty road beside the forest, we should also need to be careful because of group of monkeys some time seated beside or even in the middle of the road.

Now, we could really enjoy the hilly and real twisty roads. It was very nice, we could get as many turn as we wish. It was like never ending twisty road and start by enjoying it so much, at a later stage you could start wondering, when will it stop?

Not too far, when we just about reaching the top of high land of Bedugul area, we start entering a heavy fog with only about 2-3 meters distance view. It was very cool and also wet due to the light rain. So we have to ride extra carefully and slowly:

Passing the fogy mountain, we rode down the hill on very fresh air:

Today’s ride was very nice. We got every type of road and arrived safely at the Hotel. We rode almost 300 km today. No doubt it was quite tiring but we could saw big smile and very happy faces at each rider and passengers.

Meanwhile, the kids enjoying themselves play in Waterboom and saw beautiful sunset at Kuta Beach under Ratih’s supervision.

We then get together and had a big dinner at a restaurant just beside the hotel:

While bigger kids still on and playing billiard, smaller kid has no more battery left:

Almost mid night, Danang and I had a short ride and came to Marlboro Red Racing Night at Kamasutra Cafe in Kuta. Both bikes were parked at VIP place in front of the Cafe Lobby and we were welcomed by Marsal, the Assitant Brand Manager of Marlboro. Beside some famous singers like Kikan Coklat and Andy Rift, we could also enjoy good band performance, some sexy dancers and the very nice bike of Desmosedici GP7 and Moto X2 on the stage.

Saturday, July 12, 2008
Uh…it was raining in Kuta in the morning. So we wait a bit until the rain stopped and get ready for another ride. This time we would like to ride to Kintamani (another mountain area with a beautiful lake that could be seen from the top).

We started at 10.30 a.m. and rode straight to Kintamani. It was quite cool and light rain was fallen down when we get loser to the peak. I will share the pictures later if I get a copy of them from Danang’s camera.
The kids supervised by Grace, Ratih and Cindy enjoying themselves at Bali Safari and a bit late afternoon we then met at Ubud to have a delicious crispy fried duck and Jambul Ice.

Came back home to Kuta, some of us had a dinner and enjoying sea food at Jimbaran Beach, while I prefer to stayed at the Hotel when my other family members went shopping around.

Sunday, July 13, 2008
We had our last ride at 07.30 to Kudeta Cafe for breakfast on the beach side of Seminyak, Bali. Nice food and view…

After breakfast, when the dropped the passengers at the hotel and continue our ride to the loading place. Back to the hotel by taxi, packing, check out from the hotel and went to the Airport thereafter.

Wow.. I believe it was very nice break and ride for all of us. I guess we also managed to combine our riding time and our family holiday at the same time. We need to specially say thank you to Grace, Ratih, Cindy and Tata, the wives, who have shared their time to jointly or severally supervise the kids while we were riding. See also some happy faces of the kids…

It will definitely make us back to ride in Bali again next time.

The end.

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6 comments on “DDOCI Bali Ride 10-13 July 2008

  1. mos, ati2 loh bilang ‘putih’. Nanti dimarahin yang punya.
    Karena menurut yang punya…. ga tau dengan pertimbangan apa…. warnanya tuh ‘silver’


  2. Pertimbangannya : biar gak ganti stnk..! Walau dicat warna ungu ato ijo tosca jga tetep aja yg punya bilang itu silver…xixi..
    Tpi yg pasti GAK BISA dibilang pearl white spt aslinya donk…taela…

  3. thx ya bro,..
    wat info peta nya…
    ngebantu bgt cuz aku mo touring ke bali..
    cuma masih bingung aja…
    ma rute pas disana
    maklum baru pertama kali…

    moga sukses yup,,

    lam kenal


  4. @ arin:
    Bali ga gede kok. Kalo ada waktu 2 hari riding aja udah bisa keliling pulau bali, seperti yang dilakukan saat tour bali november lalu.
    Hari pertama dr kuta naik ke lovina, muter ke arah barat. Hari kedua ke arah timur.

    Yang pasti, ga nyesel riding di bali. Jalanannya mulus & relatif sepi. Pemandangannya juga indah

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